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Chee'Zee Bundle

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Yes. You read that right. We've bundled together our three top sellers, because who doesn't love a good Chee'Zee Bundle??? 

In this bundle you'll receive: 

1 - Chee'Zee Sauce

1 - Creamy Alfredo 

1 - Nutty Parm 


Head to our Product Tips page for ideas on how to use these products! 

*see individual products for ingredients/nutritional information 


No Gluten. No Dairy. Plant Strong. Slow Food Fast.  


All our products naturally do not contain gluten or dairy. We are meticulous in choosing ingredients that surpass this standard. We do cook in a kitchen that is AHS approved. Despite the level of sanitization we pride ourselves on, there is a chance that gluten is present at times in the facility we use, therefore we are unable to claim the label "certified gluten-free"