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About Us!

What We Do!

We are a Calgary based company striving to change the allergen friendly game. We specialize in plant strong soups and sauces. Using whole ingredients is our focus, with no compromise in flavour.  Our mission is to nourish Calgarian families with healthy and nutritious options, delivered right to your YYC door! Pick up options available for orders outside Calgary. Please visit our delivery information page for more details.

No Gluten. No Dairy. Plant Strong.

Slow Food Fast.

How Broth and Bowl came to be ... 
I (Jen) was on my way to a lunch date with friend, on a cold February day in 2017. Funnily enough we were meeting for a bowl of soup. While driving there I had an epiphany about a soup company with a name very similar to Broth and Bowl. I was so excited after sharing my idea with my friend I went home from that lunch date and purchased the name domain that day and sketched out a plan. I dreamt about it for a while and realized the season
of my life was not yet right for it.
A few years later...
Reminiscing about a vacation in the tropics, Kait and I started collaborating on a food business that entailed some of the local food options and atmosphere we enjoyed while there. We have always been foodies, but more especially we love good food finds that offer the accommodations to our food requirements, which are gluten and dairy allergies. We are a mother daughter team who have a passion for whole nutritious foods. We are excited to share with you comforting soups and sauce that fit your dietary needs.
We hope that this is a great food find for you that comes right to your door. 
A little bit about Jen: 
From a very young age I took an interest in cooking and baking. Later in life after I had children my brother was diagnosed with celiac disease. At family dinners I would try to be inclusive with the food selections he could eat, experimenting with different flours for baking and making sure all that I had cooked was not only compliant to his food requirements but tasted good. Through lots of trial and error we had some great successes. As my own kids got older I realized there were some health issues and started to implement some changes to our own family. I asked myself the question, If specific foods were a major factor in helping or hindering someone with an autoimmune disease such as Celiac, then what else could food do? This prodded me to go to school for holistic nutrition to explore this further. I understand that food is just one component in our goals towards optimal health but its important and a great place to start. I feel like Its also important to enjoy what you eat since we are eating everyday. It’s easier to adhere to dietary changes when the food tastes good. I am an Holistic Nutrition Professional and also certified in
Culinary Nutrition.


A little bit about Kait... 

In 2012 I was diagnosed with celiacs disease. Shortly after that I found my health slowly deteriorating, and in 2015 my body had enough and made that very clear through multiple unexplained health issues. That is when my health journey truly began and whole foods became a very important role on that journey. I had to make a decision, that if I wanted to see a change I needed to be willing to put the work in. So I did. It wasn't easy but over the last 7 years I have seen immense improvements in my health. Life is meant to be enjoyed and I now feel that is an option for me. Throughout this journey I have developed an extreme passion for health in all areas and find joy in cheering others on through their own health journeys. One of the most difficult things I found when transitioning my diet was finding convenient gluten and dairy free options, with a whole food plant based focus. I am beyond excited to be offering such options for others experiencing the same struggles, and to be doing this along side with my mom... I am blessed.